Saturday, February 8, 2020

Medicine Lake, my hubby's favorite lake, before the fire in 2015.

It's late for me, almost ten pm and I'm wide awake.  I've been having such a hard time sleeping these past few nights.  I close my eyes and a kaleidoscope of very vivid memories appear.  It felt like someone had turned on all the lights inside my head and opened up every filing cabinet that my memories are stored in. I could go back to when I was a teenager, or more recently when my ex-husband and I split up.  The memories just kept coming and coming.  I could see the everything, feel everything again.  It was weird.

I was lying in bed, wide awake, trying to stop the memories when I wondered, what's different?  And then I realized I've been taking cough medicine.  Then my hubby started snoring and one of the dogs started dreaming and twitching and I gave up and came downstairs.

So I looked up the main ingredient in the cough syrup, dextromethorphan, and sure enough, one of the side effects is insomnia.  Another uncommon side effect is spontaneous memory recall.  It can affect your sense of smell as well which would explain why I couldn't eat my supper, couldn't stand the smell of it.  At least that mystery has been solved and I'm not losing my mind, yet.  I think I'll live with the cough for now.

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