Sunday, April 1, 2018

I miss my granddaughters.  And it seems there is nothing good today but that's not true. 

Here is a photo of a Chinese magnolia.

My mother in law called to say hello and wish me a happy Easter.

I called my Auntie Fran in England and she is doing better than I thought she would.  She's incapacitated and her house has been sold but she was looking forward to seeing the pet therapy animals tomorrow.

I took Lucy for a nice walk, not long, it's still cold out but the sun was shining.

The big guy and I got the light bulbs in the foyer changed.  It's two stories high but we got it done and now it's bright in the foyer.

My oven is broken and normally when I feel this shitty I would have spent the day baking things that are not good for me but that make me feel better.  So it's good my oven is broken right now.  Glass half full.

My big guy gives me as many hugs as I want.

Saw Katie today and the increased dose of antipsychotics didn't really touch her, the 4mg of Ativan that I gave her stopped her pinching and slapping though.  Back to the doctor next week.

My girlfriend whom the doctors thought was going to die last month;  her husband sent me a photo today of her walking in a blizzard with a big smile on her face.

Tomorrow will be better.

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