Saturday, January 31, 2015

One of the big guy's images.

Things I'm thankful for this week.

Incredibly warm weather for the past two weeks that made January not just bearable but enjoyable.
My lovely friend Shirley died peacefully with her girls and her husband by her side.
I am truly thankful that she is no longer suffering;  she'd had enough.
It's snowing right now.
I made it through a difficult week at work.
Thankful for my lovely patients.
Thankful that Katie is okay and has suffered no ill effects from her overdose.
Watched a wonderful show about marijuana last night.  "Pot Fiction" by the Fifth Estate.  It makes me very hopeful that the Canadian government will legalize marijuana, soon.

What are you thankful for this week?


  1. I'm glad she is at rest, too. And hey....maybe she wanted to go when she was alone and perhaps leaving the room with her husband gave her the opportunity....

  2. I hope you get some much-needed peace and rest.

  3. hi deb, i'm sorry that shirley died. i hope you will find some relief knowing she is no longer struggling and through your memories of loving her.

    i am hopeful for spring. easy for me to say when i have five frisking feet of snow outside my window! but i am hopeful and by that i mean i hope your time ahead is clearly good.