Sunday, December 7, 2014

It's eight thirty in the morning and the sun has not risen yet.  Sunset is at 4:15 this afternoon.  This time of year I almost feel claustrophobic.  The days are so short and I crave sunlight.  Today we  won't get home until after four and it will be too late to walk in the river valley as the coyotes come out as the sun fades.  Sigh.

I need sunlight on my skin, not just my face.  I want to see green that's not a spruce or a pine.  I want.  I want.  I want.  I want what I do not have and do not want what I have.  Sigh.

Three weeks and the days will be getting longer. 


  1. I am holding out for the 21st. It is just way too much dark.

  2. I lament it too. I drive my daughter to school in the dark and drive to work in the dark and leave work in the is depressing, yes?

  3. I used to have this issue. Drive to work before the day light shines and only leave office when it was time for supper. But I made certain choices to make sure that I leave office before dark. Make some changes and u'll c how it can influence your life.

    1. Hi Billy. There is no change I can make, other than moving further south. We have less than seven hours of daylight this time of year. I do sit by the windows at break time though. Thanks for visiting.

  4. Me, too. Hate the short days! Hate driving to work when its dark and coming home when iit's dark. I am eagerly waiting for spring.