Thursday, September 18, 2014

This is one of my favorite photos.  My mother has the straw hat on, my Auntie Fran is in the middle and my aunt's best friend Ann has the blue hat on.  I'm leaving tomorrow evening to visit my aunt in England.  I miss mum and so does Auntie Fran.  My visit will be a chance for both of us to remember mum. 


  1. I sincerely hope this trip gives you the rest you need and leaves you with a smile in your heart.

  2. deb, this is the most amazing heartwarming picture. i blew it up and it is so joyful.

    so you're going to england? that's quite a trip. how wonderful that you and your aunt fran will sit together in the presence of such love.

    safe travels, love

  3. Such a sweet [picture - they all look so happy. I hoe the visit is filled with wonderful memories.