Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mount Edith Cavell

Random thoughts when I should be in bed.

I figured out why September was getting me down.  My dad's birthday, my parent's anniversary and my first birthday without my mum.

My patients at work always help to remind me to drag my head out of my ass.

I'm excited about my middle daughter and her boyfriend coming out to visit for Thanksgiving.  My daughter and I didn't talk for almost six months last year, both of us to angry and stubborn to give in.

I miss my dogs.  Before I left my ex-husband I had two beagles.  I love dogs.  We have a cat but it's just not the same as dog love.

I really should be in bed.


  1. Your photos of late have just been spectacular!

  2. The big guy and I went on a couple of trips this summer, both of us taking tons of photos. And thank you.

  3. Beautiful photo

    Oh yes, dog love!

    Happy that your daughter is coming xo


  4. I am glad you have your patients. People always tell me that I must be a special person to do what I do. I am not special at all. It is the people I care for that are amazing.